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Law firm & consulting boutique for entrepreneurs

We are a Swiss corporation registered in the Commercial Register of the Canton of Zurich. We are a one-stop shop offering combined legal and business consulting as well as implementation services. We specialise in all aspects of corporate, contract and labour law. Please see our Services page for further information about our core products.

We cater to the premium segment and do not work pro bono. Our fees are calculated in accordance with the hourly rate as agreed at the beginning of the collaboration and the effective expenditure of time of our specialists. We will indicate a binding cost ceiling (CAP) for each of our services. This allows you to plan ahead, as well as demonstrating our commitment to your cost parameters and timelines.



Board of directors

Dr. Emanuel Tschannen

President & Owner

Emanuel is a Doctor of Law and Attorney at law who holds an Executive MBA from HEC Paris. Born in 1975 in Bern, Switzerland, he attended school in his home town and attained his school-leaving certificate in economics. After studying law and starting his career at a major bank, Emanuel worked as a research assistant under Professor Thomas Koller at the Zivilistisches Seminar (part of the University of Bern). Following his time at the university, he completed an internship at a commercial law firm in Zurich. Emanuel joined the Dottikon ES Group, a publicly listed company, in 2008, where he held the position of Head of Legal and Human Resources (and was a member of the Board of Management). From 2012 to 2015, Emanuel served on the Board of Management of Dottikon ES America, Inc. He founded ELFENAU SCHWEIZ AG in September 2015.

He is married and has a daughter. He spends his free time with his family, and enjoys nature and horse riding. He is a member of Offiziers-Reitgesellschaft Zürich (serving as president from 2011 to 2015), Jockey Club Zürich and the HEC Alumni Association. Emanuel is a member of the Zurich bar and admitted to practice in all Swiss courts.


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Dr. Martin Tschannen


Martin is a Doctor of Business Management. He was born in 1950 in Bern-Bümpliz, Switzerland, and began his career with the completion of a commercial vocational training course, after which he worked in industry and the tax administration sector. In 1978, he embarked on a new challenge at SPEDAG Speditions AG in Basel as Head of Finance and Accounting (and member of the Group Board). In 1991, he was appointed CFO of Christ AG in Aesch and a year later was at the forefront of the management buyout of the company. Following the buyout, he served as Chair of the Board of Management and CEO. Christ AG was successfully floated on the stock market following an IPO in 1996 and ultimately sold in 2000. Since the dawn of the millennium, Martin has enjoyed success as a private investor and entrepreneur. He has provided funding for multiple startups and implemented plans to recapitalise various SMEs. He has also stepped in as interim manager at several companies. Martin has served as Vice Chair of the Board of Management of ELFENAU SCHWEIZ AG since 2015.

Martin is married and has two children. He is a passionate sailor and has his own boat which he sails in the Mediterranean. Martin has also long been an active modern pentathlon athlete and official (team manager for Olympic projects in 2004 and 2008, association president from 2005 to 2011).


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ELFENAU has established a strong network of domestic and international contacts. Our network includes specialists in human resources (HR), HR systems providers and experts in marketing, tax and finance. We enrol the services of these specialists depending on the issue at hand and coordinate their actions in our capacity as project manager or general contractor. We also integrate your own experts into our working group to facilitate the process.




A Bernese district, in which our founder grew up, inspired the name of our corporation. The name ELFENAU is imbued with a sense of local roots with an international outlook, tradition and modern spirit, craftsmanship and creativity. Now, 200 years after the name was first conceived, ELFENAU is emblematic of our company philosophy.

The name Elfenau can be traced back to the 19th century, when Juliane von Saxe-Coburg-Saalfeld became Anna Fyodorovna of Russia following her marriage to a Russian Grand Duke. In 1813, the Princess took up residence on the site of the former convent of Brunnadern in Bern and purchased the manor there. One morning in 1816, the Princess was so taken by the enchanting morning atmosphere that she decided to call the estate Elfenau (German: “meadow of elves”). Members of Bern’s aristocratic community would meet with figures from the Russian colony and foreign diplomats at Elfenau and stroll through the adjacent English garden. Elfenau was purchased by the city of Bern in 1918 and has hosted the municipal market garden since then.