Business Establishment in Switzerland

Legal advice and project coordination

We help international clients to ensure successful market entry into Switzerland and are instrumental in evaluating and establishing the right legal structures for the company. This saves you time, leaving you free to focus on getting your company off the ground in its new location from the outset. If required, we can also help you to find suitable personnel during the initial phase of operations and utilise our business expertise and local network of contacts to ensure that things get off to a smooth start.




International Trade

Contract and corporate law

International trade requires an international network, good language skills and intercultural competence. We help Swiss and international companies to expand abroad and provide assistance in drawing up and negotiating contracts in English. ELFENAU has extensive experience in formulating and negotiating international commercial contracts, in particular contracts of sale, intellectual property, confidentiality and employment agreements.

We formulate contracts in English and assist you with contract negotiations with your customers, suppliers and external lawyers. We have the facilities to help you set up branches in the USA, the EU, the Gulf states, India, China and various countries in Africa. We work with local lawyers and business people and coordinate their services for your benefit. Our well-established network ensures that there is no overlap between services, leaving you to set up your business at a reasonable cost.




Swiss Labour Law

Local labour law and project management

Employers in Switzerland are obliged to record the temporal location and duration of working time and the breaks of their employees. As such, two things are required: firstly, a clearly defined contractual arrangement with the employee that is coordinated with the company strategy, and secondly the use of suitable time and attendance recording software. Parameters in the software also have to be set to ensure that statutory employment regulations and contractual arrangements can be represented properly.

Company-specific requirements can also be integrated into the time recording system, including work at night and on Sundays, uninterrupted operation, on-call services, business trips, etc. as well as other features such as requests, evaluations, warnings and the export of data into a wage system.

ELFENAU assists you in formulating the components of an employment agreement (contract, regulations and annexes), evaluating system providers to find the right one for you, and implementing time and attendance recording projects. We ensure that all operations run smoothly and coordinate the external service providers. If desired, we can assist you with the preparation and negotiation of contracts with systems providers and suppliers.